What they're saying...



  • Things don't go how you thought they would and you have to problem-solve


  • You want to make sure someone who isn’t you can still follow the process you’ve designed for max impact.

  • You're trying not to let things fall through the cracks because you’re wearing all the hats, have your hands in every pot, and feel like there are 800 tabs open at all times.

  • Your business grows, and you need to track of all your pitches, collaborations, and engagement activities — so you know that all the small actions are adding up over time to get you closer to your goals.

Spreadsheets can...

  • You don’t need to freak out — you need to dig into the data and make informed, intentional choices about what to change.​

  • You have to have the unique-to-you details documented, and have a way to verify your team's activities and output.

  • You have to have a system in place to track information — so when you need to refer to something, it’s written down and waiting for you. You can’t remember everything.​

  • You don't want to look back over the last few months, and see the opportunities you missed. Your goals don’t just happen — the details add up and that’s what moves the needle — you need to have a pulse on them.


Will these spreadsheets work for my business?Trying to figure out if it would be relevant to my biz? Curious if this could help me?

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Will there be directions on how to use each template?

How do I access and edit the sheets?

Can I buy these sheets for someone else as a gift? 

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