Savvy Spreadsheet Bundle

40+ spreadsheets to scale your business



Earlier this year someone approached me and asked, “Can I pay you to have a copy of the spreadsheets you use in your business?!”


I was shocked, to be honest.


I had no idea that my fellow business owners didn't have this same degree of organization — and I saw it as an immediate opportunity to give you all the tools you need to focus on implementation and execution in your business, instead of reinventing the wheel.


Having your business hyper-organized is key to
  • Optimizing your time and attention by streamlining your internal processes.
  • Communicating effectively with your team + systematizing the actions you take every day so you can delegate projects.
  • Simplifying the back end of your business to increase your visibility, capacity to make strategic decisions, and ability to identify new opportunities to evolve or expand your business model.
  • Growing your business revenue +900% YOY — that’s what we did in 2020 using these exact sheets. I’ve given you the opportunity to steal my systems.


Which is why I'm giving you an all-access pass to my Google Drive, so you can

  • Save yourself time and simplify your processes 
  • Streamline the back end of your business 
  • Systematize the actions you take in your business every day







+100 entrepreneurs have purchased the Savvy Spreadsheet Bundle


Curate Well Co. experienced +900% YOY revenue growth in 2020 — these spreadsheets are our playbook and processes for staying organized as we scale.


This is our living playbook, so as we make updates to these sheets (that we use every single day on our business) you get the newest version. If we build new sheets, you get them!


Plus, each sheet also comes with a tutorial video so you know how to use it.



I’ve taken the legwork out of it for you, so you can focus on implementation and executing — instead of reinventing the wheel. You can take the exact systems that I use in my business (and have seen an ROI with) and use them in yours— the same ROI, but without the trial and error.

Get the Savvy Spreadsheet Bundle for $497

SSB currently includes: 


— 29 spreadsheets (newly updated based on our growth this year)

— 6 bonus spreadsheets (offshoots, additional versions)

— 8 bonus templates


It includes spreadsheets for every area of your business

— Organization and project management 

— Time tracking, team management, scheduling

— Client onboarding, offboarding 

— Financials and income tracking

— Launch planning

— Community activation

— Brand, Media and Podcast pitching/tracking

—Social media management, engagement

— Content creation, newsletter planning 

Sheets are organized in a membership area in main categories






Social Media

Community Activation


PR + Brand

Want a BTS tour of the membership area?!


What they're saying...


Get the Savvy Spreadsheet Bundle for $497 




The brand partnership of your DREAMS emails you about a paid collaboration — they want to work with you, but first they just need some information…


instead of panicking, you dive into your Google Drive, pull up a spreadsheet or two, and all the information they’re asking for is already there — documented, up to date, and ready to share professionally and in a timely manner.






Hiring a new team member and being able to hand off a task to them — start to finish — in less than 90 minutes on their first day


because the entire process is documented, organized, and available to them, already built.





You and your team being able to share information easily — you no longer have to scroll back through voxer conversations or get frustrated about control-Fing in pages of notes


you can just pull up a collaborative sheet that has a spot for everything you might ask about, and get your answer immediately.






Making rational, confident, needle-moving decisions in your business, or launching a new initiative with confidence  


because you have months worth of data to show you what’s working and what’s not., you already have the entire process outlined, and you're  set up ahead of time to measure its success intentionally.



These ^ are ALL things my team and I have experienced by using the exact sheets included in The Savvy Spreadsheet Bundle.


This is why I’m so passionate about organization. Because it’s not actually about being’s about what being organized makes possible for your business.



Get the Savvy Spreadsheet Bundle

You can use these sheets to track each area of your biz in more detail, and/or integrate these sheets with your project management platform.


They're designed to help you: 


Track data to easily identify your drivers, make informed decisions in your business, and see more ROI on your efforts.


Stay organized to set your team up for success to take action more easily because the process is well outlined.


Have any/all info you need easily on hand to craft compelling pitches, delegate easily, and facilitate cross-functional communication between different people on your team.



...and so much more.



When you're organized in your business you can


— See into the corners of your business to easily identify your drivers, which means more ROI


— Delegate easily and maintain visibility into tasks and functions you've handed off


— Take action more easily because the process is well outlined 

How having your business organized with the Savvy Spreadsheet Bundle can support you


  • Things don't go how you thought they would and you have to problem-solve


  • You want to make sure someone who isn’t you can still follow the process you’ve designed for max impact.

  • You're trying not to let things fall through the cracks because you’re wearing all the hats, have your hands in every pot, and feel like there are 800 tabs open at all times.

  • Your business grows, and you need to track of all your pitches, collaborations, and engagement activities — so you know that all the small actions are adding up over time to get you closer to your goals.

Spreadsheets can...

  • You don’t need to freak out — you need to dig into the data and make informed, intentional choices about what to change.​

  • You have to have the unique-to-you details documented, and have a way to verify your team's activities and output.

  • You have to have a system in place to track information — so when you need to refer to something, it’s written down and waiting for you. You can’t remember everything.​

  • You don't want to look back over the last few months, and see the opportunities you missed. Your goals don’t just happen — the details add up and that’s what moves the needle — you need to have a pulse on them.


I rely on these spreadsheets every single day to mange the unsexy side of business without stress — and I want you to be able to do that too...without having to build it from scratch.​

Get the Savvy Spreadsheet Bundle for $497


CEO of Curate Well Co.



Think of me as the most organized person you know, strong coffee drinker, and your Chief Strategy Officer — who's willing to get in the weeds with you to optimize your gift so you can show up as the leader you are, set the new standard in your industry, and create a community that runs on collaboration, champions your brand, themselves, and each other, and makes every client feel like they're part of something so much bigger than themselves ...without having to put makeup on.



Curate Well Co. is where purpose meets process. We help impact-driven entrepreneurs intentionally scale while maintaining the integrity of their work and without losing connection to their community.



You won’t find copy-and-paste strategies around here but you will find systems that honor the really human elements of your business. 


You won’t hear us telling you that you have to do a massive live launch to be successful but you will hear us talk about our data-backed approach to amplifying your impact.


You won’t see us glorifying the “hustle” culture but you will see us empowering you to take aligned action toward your ambitious goals.


Because if you’re going to reach 1 million women, you’re going to need a different approach — one that’s customized, aligned, authentic, humanized, sustainable.

It’s simple — these are all the sheets my team and I have built for our business and we want you to have access to them. We use them every single day, and they work for us. And I genuinely believe they’ll work for you too.


Get the Savvy Spreadsheet Bundle for $497 


Will these spreadsheets work for my business?Trying to figure out if it would be relevant to my biz? Curious if this could help me?

Is there a list of what spreadsheets are included? What are some of the spreadsheets?

Will there be directions on how to use each template?

How do I access and edit the sheets?

Can I buy these sheets for someone else as a gift? 

What if there's a sheet I wish was included...

Are you donating part of the revenue from this sale?

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